Feminist Network Small Projects Funding Awards Announced!

We are delighted to announce the recipients of our first round of Small Projects Funding. These are pots of up to £500 worth of funding for projects that meet the aims of our network.  We have been thoroughly impressed by the diverse and exciting projects that have come from the network, and would like to congratulate the recipients on their hard work and inspiring ideas. 

These projects include the set up of three new networks/working groups on feminist topics, including a Feminist Approach to Computational Technology (FACTnet), Feminist Queer and Diaspora Studies working group, and Invisible Labour, Collective Care which will be looking at activism and invisible labour in everyday life.  There will be a womens/non-binary workshop on modular synth making run by #ladiesofmodular and a performance by #SERGINA exploring the themes of a body that is post-gender, and physicality as drag.  Last but by no means least we will be funding a series of workshops in Florida to increase access to reproductive health services.

More details below, and keep an eye on our twitter feed @chasefeministnetwork for updates and further information as they get underway!


Building Academic-Activist Collaborations: Designing and delivering workshops with Poderosa is Her Power.
Project lead – Grace Tillyard, Goldsmiths University

Working with Reproductive Justice organisation, Poderosa is Her Power, in Florida.  Running three workshops focused on increasing access to reproductive health and other services for survivors of gender-based violence in immigrant communities. The project aims to foster academic and activist collaboration with the ultimate goal of supporting the intersectional goals and commitments of new feminist organisations


FactNet (Feminist Approach to Computational Technology Network)  
Project lead – Sharon Webb & Cécile Chevalier, University of Sussex    

A one-day forum to inform the creation of a feminist, non-binary, trans inclusivenetwork of individuals that work/research/think/make with/in/about computational technology. The outcomes and findings of the forum will directly impact the nature and shape of such a space which is designed to promote and support a feminist approached to computational technology. http://fact.network/


Feminist and Queer Diaspora Studies Working Group 
Project lead – Abeera Khan, SOAS   

Funding to establish a Feminist and Queer Diaspora Studies Working Group, initially based out of SOAS. To create a supportive and collaborative pedagogical space for researchers, students and community organisers working on feminist and queer approaches to diaspora studies and diasporic organising.  Will include a reading group and workshop series.


Project lead – Elly Clarke, University of Sussex     

This event is a new #SERGINA performance titled HOW ARE YOU? to reflect upon the aggressive, increasingly capitalist nature of this and the other questions that inevitably follow.  #SERGINA is a multi-bodied, border-straddling drag queen who, online, and offline, in one and many places at once, sings songs about love, lust and loneliness in the age of digitalism.


Invisible Labour, Collective Care – Project lead – Barbara Mahlknecht, Goldsmiths

A project aimed at building a group/network crossing academia, activism and the everyday, for discussing and investigating where and how invisible labour can be articulated differently. In connection with the Women’s Strike Assembly, the group will conceptualise a collective action—a reading, workshop, manifesto, performative intervention—to contribute to the International Women’s Day making connections, building alliances and taking action against our current conditions.  


#ladiesofmodular: DIY Synth Building for Women and non-Binary Practitioners  – Mimi Haddon & Andrew Duff, University of Sussex

Funding for a workshop leader for events as part of the annual Modular Meet Festival under the hashtag #ladiesofmodular. These two events are: 1) a workshop on DIY synthesizer building for women and non-binary musicians, hosted by a woman/non-binary practitioner; and 2) a roundtable discussion comprising three industry women/non-binary and one woman/non-binary academic.  

Contact: chase.feminist@gmail.com

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