CHASE Feminist Network Update – May

Creating spaces of resistance in what continues to be a patriarchal higher education sector, with ongoing and intersectional discrimination happening at all levels.  More about our aims and objectives here.

Extensions to Small Projects Fund Deadline – Now open until 31st May full details here:

Feminist Network Organising Meeting, 3rd June, 5pm, SOAS, London

We will be meeting to plan the year ahead, drop us an email if you would like to come along and get involved!

Brighton Feminist Science Fiction Book Club: Wednesday 5th June, 19:30 at Alcampo Lounge, Brighton

Please come along, whether you’re a seasoned sci-fi fan or new to the genre!  This month we are reading Ambiguity Machines and Other Stories underscore Vandanah Singh Full details here:

HOW ARE YOU?: #Sergina’s Live Participatory Soap Opera, 8 June 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

#Sergina’s Live Participatory Soap Opera about Wrestling with Wellbeing in the Digital Age.  #SERGINA is a multi-bodied, border-straddling drag princess who sings songs about love, lust and loneliness in a time of digitalism. She performs in one place or in many, on the screen and off it, to and with people she can see and people she can’t. Her identity is up for grabs, transferable and viral. #Sergina first came out for parties in Berlin in about 2009, and later in her own right, performing alone to start with and later with others.  Full details here:

#ladiesofmodular: exploring women and non-binary access to music technology, 18th July

As part of Brighton’s Modular Meet 2019 #ladiesofmodular will be dedicating a day to exploring women and non-binary access to music technology. Full details here:

Feminist Approaches to Computational Technology

Update from the inaugural FACT Network event funded by the CHASE Feminist Network in March. FACT, Feminist Approaches to Computational Technology, was born from a desire to form, and support, a community around issues related to representation, diversity and inclusion within the broad area of computational practices and thinking. It seeks to create an active network and community that supports, and encourage alternative demographics in current digital spaces, environments and practices from which computational thinking is made possible.

Full details here:

Report from our Sharing Research and Practice Event 

This two-day event brought together researchers, students, practitioners, and activists from across the CHASE network and beyond whose research, pedagogy, and practice inspire forms of feminist resistance. It featured papers, discussions, workshops and round tables which have been designed to offer alternative modes of thinking and expression to those dominating within the mainstream neoliberal university.

Full details here:

Researching Conflict in the Humanities: Challenges, Practices and Methods

Our colleagues are running interdisciplinary student-led training designed for PhD students and Early Career Researchers in the Arts and Humanities studying conflicts from the First World War to the present, regardless of geographical location. It seeks to question the positionality of the researcher, and explore the most current methodological approaches in the study of conflict in different disciplines.

  •        On 31 May, we will look at feminist methodologies to study conflicts, with the excellent Dr Azadeh Fatehrad.
  •        On 11 June, we will delve into the fascinating but not unproblematic relationship between activism and scholarship.

Full details here:



If you have any feminist events you would like to promote please get in touch!



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