Devil’s Dyke Network Summer Festival


Devil’s Dyke Network and CHASE Feminist Network are delighted to announce that we have been givien funding from the CHASE Cohort Development Fund for a Summer Festival in late August/early September. This will be a day-long festival in Brighton dedicated to strengthening local, national and international feminist networks and celebrations of resistance.

The Devil’s Dyke Network will curate a programme of performers, artists, speakers, and facilitators that would consist of local emerging talent, our previous performers and collaborators, as well as more established artists.

We are considering a soft play area for those bringing children to the daytime programme of events and to have a calm zone where those who needed to could go to get away from the noisier, busier areas if necessary. As a fun side-project, and to circulate people’s unwanted books to those in the local area, we plan to have a Book Swap, with dedicated children’s and feminist book sections.

Keep an eye on our website for more information, and read more about the fantastic work of Devil’s Dyke Network below…

Devil’s Dyke Network

Devil’s Dyke Network aims to be an inclusive platform for poets, performers and artists dedicated to building community and generating positive cultural and political energies.

The Devil’s Dyke Network are a group of queer and migrant poets, film-makers, artists, and performers who put on bi-monthly free evenings of poetry, art, music and performance at venues around Brighton. Many of us are PhD students who engage with academic events, such as conferences, as well as theory, especially feminist theory, in our creative practice and political organising. Our Summer Festival often showcases queer, feminist themes, and we bring an analysis of intersectionality to our events, in terms of planning the events themselves and the issues raised by our contributors. These are always ongoing, current conversations, in feminist (and other kinds of) theory, and in creative and political practice. At our events we explore these conversations by bringing creative works together that speak to the nuances and complications inherent in living as feminist subjects, and create safe and stimulating spaces for discussion – academic and non-academic – and solidarity.



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