Join the CHASE Feminist Organising Committee!

DSC_0103We are opening up applications for interest in getting involved in our organising committee!  The committee helps steer the work of the network and helps us work towards out aims and objectives.

We are happy for these roles to be filled by one or more candidates if you wish to share responsibilities with a friend or colleague.  If there is something else you would like to do with/for the network that isn’t listed below please just drop us an email.

These roles can be filled by any student or staff member at a CHASE institution, we are also interested in hearing from those outside of academia who want to contribute to our work.  While there are specified roles we expect respect and promoting of diversity to be shared across all roles.  We value and respect the contributions of all women and allies to our network.  This includes women, men, trans-women, trans-men and people who identify outside the gender binaries.

We also recognise and respect the intersectionality of feminism and the various levels of oppression experienced by women and non-binary individuals across class and racial lines, and especially the vulnerability of transgender women of colour. We believe that it is important to treat with dignity and respect those with various gender identities and preferred pronouns, and we will not tolerate the harassment or bullying of anyone based on their gender identity or expression.

Please note your interest in any of the roles below on this form here:


List of Roles and Responsibilities

Chair: The chair takes on responsibility for general direction, oversight and representation of the network, including liaisons with CHASE and management of the small projects fund. They will draft the network’s manifesto as well as any calls for papers or similar. They will ensure that collaboration between the other committee roles continues smoothly and that all committee members are properly supported.

Secretary: The secretary will be responsible for monitoring and managing the network’s email address and mailing list, including either replying to incoming messages or delegating them to the chair/appropriate officer. They will co-ordinate with the chair to manage availability and communications for committee meetings, including taking and publishing minutes.

Treasurer: The treasurer will be responsible for tracking the network’s budget and reporting it to CHASE, and managing expense claims from its members. They will co-ordinate with the chair on the allocation of small projects funding, and work with successful applicants to ensure money is awarded and costs reimbursed appropriately.

Social Media/Comms Officer: The social media officer will maintain the network’s online presence (e.g. on Twitter and Facebook) and ensure that the website is updated and newsletter is sent out. They will also be responsible for networking with other feminist and social justice organisations online, and for considering how we might raise the network’s online profile.

Events Officer (sharing research and practice event): The events officer will manage venue and room booking for network events, primarily focused on the annual sharing research and practice event. They will lead on sharing research and practice event, and delegate other tasks throughout committee.  They will be responsible for communication with venues regarding catering, accessibility, and other requirements, and more generally will consider possible venues for future events (including committee meetings and small projects fund recipients) in terms of their suitability to the network’s purposes.

Social Officer: The social officer will be responsible for working with the chair and the events officer to organise, promote, and publicise social events within the network. They will support the events officer where necessary with the sharing and research practice event.

Campaigns Officer: The campaigns officer is responsible for working with the chair to identify areas for the network’s activism – this may include social justice campaigning, charitable causes, protests and direct action, and so on. They will liaise with contacts in campaigns with other institutions and organisations, and work with the rest of the committee to ensure our campaigns are represented and advocated throughout the network.

Diversity and Allies Officer: Repsect for and promotion of diversity is everyone’s responsibility.  However, this role is responsible for ensuring the network actively practices its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. In particular, they will focus on trans-inclusivity, decolonisation, and addressing the whiteness of the network, both within and without the committee. They will also work with the committee around engaging men in the network and outreach to under-represented demographics. They will be responsible for liaising with the committee and the network to produce a diversity statement that lays out exactly what we want to achieve in the network and how we’re going to affect it.

Wellbeing Officer: The wellbeing officer is responsible for fielding and managing concerns about the network and its member institutions, including concerns about representation, mental health, institutional prejudice, and similar. They will represent these concerns anonymously in committee meetings, and where they relate to CHASE or to a member organisation will liaise with the committee to ensure they are followed up.

Institutional Reps: These representatives will promote network events and activism in their institutions and local communities, and ensure that their institution is represented appropriately within the network. They will liaise with their institution (e.g. through societies, campus feminist groups) to make connections and recruit new members for the network.

Committee Member: Attends meetings and takes on roles as needed or in line with specific skills that can contribute to network (i.e. delivering specific training, helping out on one off events etc)


Please note your interest in a role or if  you have any questions please get in touch:

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