Line up for Devil’s Dyke Network’s Pleasure Garden 25th October, Brighton

DDN Lineup
Pleasure Gardens day-long festival! More info here:



*The performances will have BSL interpretation by wonderful Ali Gordon!*

Mandla Rae (words)

Mandla Rae is a Zimbabwean writer, poet and performer. Their performances are poignant and succinct, according to someone on the internet who cried at Mandla’s performance. Mandla constantly interrogates power dynamics and reclaims their misplaced power through storytelling and words.

Mollusc Dimension (music)

A queer trans-masculine non binary, British East-Asian project-based multi-tentacled artist eager to share with queer intersectional feminist audiences, playful, deep, funny, mystery-filled, autobiographically-sourced songs about longings for a place like now, didn’t wants, space to be, the ocean, love and nature with delightful interactive bits. His debut album “Take Me Back to the Ocean” is out this autumn alongside a myriad of tiny interdisciplinary projects.

Wild (music)

Singer-songwriter and genderqueer Soul who draws from their wanders in nature, and brings stories to life from the Woods. As well as a vocalist, Wild is an accomplished guitarist (acoustic and electric), guiding and encouraging folx to sing-along! This autumn sees the release of Wild’s debut album which will be a celebratory harvest of their non-binary soulful folk, blues & queer country! Wild’s songs are enjoyed by nursery-aged children to the over 60’s and they also make stunning flower cards worth diving into.

Nina Ward (words)

Nina Ines Ward is a poet living in Brighton who has just finished their MA at The University of Sussex in Creative and Critical Writing. During her studies she wrote about headless saints, capitalist organs and holes. You can find her work online at Seam Editions. She is an advocate of trepanation for the NHS.

Ade Sybelika (music)

Adele is a non binary he/she theatrical musician with the moto: ‘I’m not a girl, I’m not a boy, I’m a tree.’ She strives to embody herself fully in playful ways, through performance, leadership and immersing herself in nature. Adele searches continually for freedom from the imposition of binary forces and tends through his mere presence to shake things up.

Milla Timms (visual art)

Milla is an illustrator and carer from Brighton who works with pencil and ink to illustrate parts of stories which are mostly unformed in writing. The aim is to use settings inspired by magical realist novels and other imaginary locations to give characters a place to live out their lives or perform a story. The animals and human characters are real, or are a mixup combination of real people. Wildlife, gender, displacement and bodily functions are other inspirations!


Accessibility: Lighthouse is a spacious venue with two floors: a ground level and a lower level. The ground level is accessed at street level, with no ramp required. There gender neutral accessible toilets on the lower level, which you can get to via a lift. Lighthouse staff can assist with use of the lift.

For detailed information about access in Lighthouse building, blue badge parking and bus stops see here:

We are dedicated to making this event and future events as accessible for everyone as possible. If you have specific access requirements or if you want more information – get in touch at

We are working hard to get the event BSL interpreted. More news coming soon!


People are all messy and imperfect and we try to hold a non-judgmental space, but also bear in mind we don’t accept racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist, or ableist behaviour! Let’s keep a nurturing space for each other 🙂 – those who persist in behaviour which disrupts that will be asked to leave.


To check out the work of our previous performers, or find out more about the network, visit


This event is supported by the CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership and Lighthouse Brighton.


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