Feminist Network Newsletter November 2019


Feminist Network Newsletter November 2019

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Hope all is going well for you in the first term!  It’s been a busy one for us with our welcome events, planning for the year ahead and the launch of Flow n’ Flux and our CfP for the Sharing Feminist Research and Practice event. See some of the exciting events and opportunities we have coming up below…


Flow n Flux #1: Encountering Feminism and Feminist Hope, 22 November

Flow n Flux is a new discussion club which invites collective thinking and will help to build a community within the CHASE Feminist Network. Held once a month, this mobile platform will be activated at venues across London. On each occasion, material including texts, video, and music will be distributed in advance online. We plan to engage with some feminist consciousness raising pratices, sharing personal experiences in order to reflect on structural power within society and explore where feminist hope lies.

Full details are available here: https://chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com/2019/11/07/flow-n-flux-1-encountering-feminism-and-feminist-hope/


Call for Sessions // Sharing Feminist Research and Practice // Friday 28 and Saturday 29 February 2019

We would like to invite proposals for contributions to our two-day event from staff and students. We welcome proposals for a variety of formats, including individual or collaborative papers (20 minutes), workshop suggestions, themed topic roundtables, creative workshops, and performances, which aim to demonstrate the plurality and the breadth of feminist expression across CHASE. We are particularly interested in submissions from trans* and BAME applicants, and from applicants outside the academy.

Full details are available here: https://chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com/2019/10/15/call-for-sessions-sharing-feminist-research-and-practice-friday-28-and-saturday-29-february-2019-the-foundling-museum-london/



Feminist Approaches to Computational Technology: Read, Write, Code

FACT///.network is delighted to announce that our proposal for ‘Feminist Approaches to Computational Technology: Read, Write, Code’ has been approved by the CHASE Cohort Development Fund. The first FACT Event: “Mapping Feminist Coding Practices” symposium, will be on Wednesday 20th November, Details and booking here:




Statement in Support of Striking Lecturers

Lecturers are out on strike again, and we want to recognise that this will mean some of our network members will be out on strike, or impacted by strike action.  The network would like to state our solidarity with the difficult choice that staff are making to strike on these issues, which disproportionately impact on women and BAME staff.

Full details on our statement here: https://wordpress.com/post/chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com/323

power res

Report on Workshop at Encounters Nov 2019 – “You and what army?”: Power, prejudice, and resistance in the academy

The CFN workshop at Encounters Sussex reflected on the state of institutional prejudice in the academy, with particular attention to the recent culture of transphobia that has been increasingly exposed in our universities. Despite increasing acceptance of, for instance, LGBTQ+ rights action and decolonisation on campus, senior academics have been able to attack marginalised people without substantial action from their institutions.

Full details here: https://chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com/2019/11/19/report-on-workshop-at-encounters-nov-2019-you-and-what-army-power-prejudice-and-resistance-in-the-academy/


cfn welcome2

Update from ‘Welcome and Welcome Back’ event! Fri, 18 October 2019

The ‘Welcome and Welcome Back’ was our event to bring together students, researchers, practitioners, and activists across and outside of the CHASE network who are engaged with thinking, research, pedagogy, and practice that inspires forms of feminist resistance, huge thanks to those who attended to help shape our work for the year ahead.  A summary of the announcements and discussions from this event are available online here: https://chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com/2019/11/16/update-from-feminist-network-welcome-event-in-october/

small proj.png

Feminist Network Small Projects Fund Now Closed

The small projects fund aims to provide funding across CHASE institutions to put on activities that support the aims and objectives of the network.  Thank you to those who have put in applications, the announcements for who has been awarded funding will be announced shortly on our blog!  The next round of funding will open later in the year.

Full details available here: https://chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com/small-projects-fund/

cfn committee.png

Join the CHASE Feminist Committee!

Let us know if you are interested in getting involved in our organising committee!  The committee helps steer the work of the network and helps us work towards out aims and objectives.  We still have some spaces available on the committee, particularly keen to find people to help with comms and website work, but also to help out organising locally.

We are happy for these roles to be filled by one or more candidates if you wish to share responsibilities with a friend or colleague.  We are particularly interested in getting people involved in our social media/comms roles and making sure we have a rep in each of our institutions.

If there is something else you would like to do with/for the network that isn’t listed please just drop us an email. chase.feminist@gmail.com

These roles can be filled by any student or staff member at a CHASE institution, we are also interested in hearing from those outside of academia who want to contribute to our work.  We value and respect the contributions of all women and allies to our network. This includes women, men, trans-individuals and people who identify outside the gender binaries.

Details of roles and how to apply are on our website: https://chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com/2019/06/12/join-the-chase-feminist-organising-committee/

Or just email us chase.feminist@gmail.com

Follow us on twitter for the latest updates! @ChaseFeminist https://chasefeministnetwork.wordpress.com

If you need to contact us with events we can share, or about anything above please contact us on: chase.feminist@gmail.com


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