Inside-out | Kirsty Lumm

Image 1: final piece
Title: Inside-out


Inside-out, By Kirsty Lumm, Independent Artist

Artwork Title: Inside-out

Process: photocopy transfer using acetone for the words in the background, charcoal portrait drawing, dripping inks and paint over the top.


This is my response to the Corona virus lockdown. Being locked inside had brought everything out. One day I feel like my creative studio home is bliss, the next I feel locked in a prison with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company.

Preparing words for photocopy transfer


This artistic process has been hugely challenging whilst also incredible. This is portrayed with the juxtapositioned words ‘incredible, insecure, intense, inside’. I chose to use photocopy transfer to express these feelings as the faint marks left give a ghostly impression, showing how the words are never in my thoughts enough to overwhelm me but always somewhere there.

First successful photocopy transfer… (finally)


The charcoal scribbled portrait has not been done with much precision and time, I feel currently most days I am just a figure being lived in and consumed by my thoughts and feelings, this is emphasised by the mental rain pouring over me, almost taking over this world. The colours of the ink and paint are not dark but they are stormy.

Second Draft


Although this piece is intense and the lockdown has been challenging, the more I have looked at my painting the more I have realised these rain and thoughts can create seeds for growth.





This is the seventh in our Feminist Everyday Lockdown Blog Series. Lockdown is a feminist issue, and sharing stories is a feminist practice. We are calling for further contributions to the CHASE Feminist Network blog on everyday feminism and lockdown. This includes creative, political, and personal reflections!  Full details here

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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