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CFN Need to Know Campaign

The CHASE Feminist Network is running the Need to Know campaign to gather students’ experiences concerning the lack of clarity and prolonged waits for confirmation of extensions and other support due to the pandemic.

We would like to collect your feedback on the key issues and problems people are facing due to the delay in confirming whether stipend extensions, or other help, are available for all CHASE students.

Following initial conversations with students, CFN are concerned that delays in confirmation are resulting in heightened stress and pressure resulting in poor mental wellbeing. These stresses, among others, include general anxiety, financial worries, and difficulty planning thesis structures. Furthermore, the negative impact is most pronounced on already marginalised student groups and those worst affected by the pandemic.

CFN believes that students should be informed ASAP as to stipend extensions, as well as any other support measures which will be provided to mitigate impacts of the pandemic on doctoral research.

We will use your feedback to take things forward and will report the issues to CHASE and the CHASE Student Committee. All of your feedback will be anonymised.

If you have applied for an extension or related support, you can share your experiences by emailing a statement to explaining what you are struggling with and the support you require. Tell us what you Need to Know.

Yours in solidarity,

CHASE Feminist Network Committee


GDPR Statement:

Any email addresses and information that reveals your identity will be kept strictly confidential and stored on secure password-protected drives. You are free to withdraw your consent to us using your data at any time, by contacting:

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