About Us

What is the CHASE Feminist Network?

The CHASE Feminist Network was borne of discussions wishing to provide spaces of resistance in what continues to be a patriarchal world and broaader education sector, with ongoing and intersectional discrimination happening at all levels. We seek to create a community of inspirational people inside and outside of CHASE who are challenging this environment, provide spaces for discussion, and offer support for innovative projects and events. The network is open to everyone, and is transinclusive.  It places a strong emphasis on the importance of intersectional and interdisciplinary commitments to feminist research and practice and welcomes a wide variety of creative, artistic, historical, literary, theoretical, and experimental contributions.

Discussions at our Sharing Research and Practice Event 2019

Our Objectives

– To ensure we have spaces and resources for discussion and networking.
– To link with inspirational people inside and outside of CHASE that are challenging this environment.
– To provide networks that provide both professional and personal support.
– To place a strong emphasis on the importance of considering accessibility, intersectionality and interdisciplinarity
– To value the personal, political and creative, as well as the academic.

Effie Makepeace ‘ReMarkable Installation‘ at Sharing Research and Practice 2019

Getting Involved

We value and respect the contributions of all the members of our network, including trans women, trans men and nonbinary and gender diverse people. We also recognise and respect the intersectionality of feminism and the various levels of oppression experienced by women and nonbinary individuals across class, disability and racial lines, and especially the vulnerability of transgender women of colour. We demand that people of all gender identities are treated with dignity and respect, and will not tolerate the harassment or bullying of anyone based on their gender identity or expression.

If you have any ideas for the Network, would like to be involved in event organisation, or would like to contribute to our blog, email us at: chase.feminist [at] gmail.com.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @ChaseFeminist

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